Visit the indigenous tribes of Indonesia:  Mentawai Tribe, Dani Tribe, Asmat and Korowai Tribe

Korowai Tribe Adventure 10D

10 Days Challenging Korowai Trip. We will explore the old way living of the Koroway tribesman. Food gathering, fauna hunting, fish catching, sago processing and else. detail package

Yali Tribe Adventure

12 Days Yali Tribe Adventure. The difficulty grade of this trip is challenging detail package

Asmat Tribe Culture

Asmat Tribe Tour, Papua, Irian Jaya detail package

Mentawai Tribe

Mentawai Tribe detail package

Stone Korowai Trip

14 day Stone Korowai challenging trip . You will be trekking in muddy trails or in swamps, crossing river etc., also you will deal with the hot and humid air. You must prepared you stamina for the unfriendly atmosphere here, so you can enjoy your adventure trip to this region. detail package

Baliem Valley Tour 7D

Baliem Valley trekking, witness traditional ceremonies, traditional markets and the way of life of the Dani of West Papua detail package

Baliem Valley Festival

Baliem Valley Festival detail package