Rachel Hale & Family

Dear Dewi,

Thank you so much for organizing our Indonesian adventure. We had a brilliant time.

The captain of our boat had an 11 year old daughter (Vera) who was very kind to our daughters. They made friends and we would like to try to send her some photographs. We asked her to write down her address but we are not sure if a letter that we send from the UK would make it to her house.

Many thanks,

Rachel Hale

John Fuller

Hello Dewi,

Thanks for your e-mail.

I'm so pleased to have met you, it was quite a surprise for me!  (A very pleasant one !!)

I can tell you that I had an amazing time on my trip to Kalimantan. Everything was almost perfect, even the weather. The crew of the Klotok were wonderful, really friendly and great food. In particular my guide, Dion, was brilliant. He listened to what I wanted and tried his hardest to make it all happen for me. I cannot praise Dion enough and if I come again I would want to request the same crew.

If you get an opportunity I would ask you to say a big thank you to Dion for me. 

Unfortunately, my Brother-in-law who wanted to make the same tour has been taken ill and will not be able to travel as planned.

I may want to do a similar tour next year. Many, many thanks to you Dewi. This was a very special tour for me. Maybe I will see you again one day.

Very best wishes to you and thank you again.

John Fuller

Gabriele Riedmann

​Dear Ibu Novi,

Everything worked out fine ;-)

We had as well a wonderful time in Flores and enjoyed very much this trip as well!! Thanks to you and the whole team, the people who drove us and supported us as a guide. We had a great time. We enjoyed so much the trip that we would love to immediately come back ;-)

Thanks god there are still so many Indonesian islands left to explore that we will for sure come back and arrange the trip with you. Be ensured that we will recommend adventure Indonesia to all our friends as well. 

Thanks for arranging in such a nice and professional way our trips. It is difficult to fly back to Germany after such a joyful time.

Take care and until next time.

Thank you,


Jay Murter

​Dear Novie,

I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to write to you regarding my recent trip with Adventure Indonesia. I have been extremely busy with work and additional travelling, but I am eager to give you a more thorough report. 

Indonesia is one of my favorite destinations on Earth. Nowhere else does there exist such a variety of cultural and natural beauty within one country. My travel experience on this particular trip was enhanced by my experience with Adventure Indonesia. This company is fantastic. The itinerary that was conveyed to me by Ms. Novie was excellent and it was executed perfectly. My itinerary included three separate phases, with a visit to Krakatoa, then a trip to Kalimantan Borneo, then finally a trip through the Baliem River valley of west Papua. Adventure Indonesia did a wonderful job in each area. All of my flights were arranged well. The whole experience could not have been any better.

All of my guides were very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable as well as friendly and kind. In each case their language skills were excellent and they were all so helpful, making my journeys really special. I was always greeted at the airport on time, escorted by capable and skilled drivers, and my guides were informative, communicated well in English, and were just wonderful.

On my journey to Krakatoa Island, my guide was Gustav. He was absolutely the very best guide on a trip like this one. He was great! His knowledge and interest in the geology, flora and fauna of the island was superb. It was wonderful that he was eager to really show me everything and to teach me as much as he could about that marvelous place. He was the perfect guide for me. He was extremely professional, energetic, and he made sure that I was always safe and secure; he teamed up with the boat captain to show me everything that I had gone to Krakatoa to see. He assisted me with everything, from snorkeling to photography. He is absolutely the perfect guide to lead any tour to that area. I highly recommend him to any future travelers. He made my visit perfect. If I ever get to return to that place, I would want him to be my guide! My driver, Mr. Rydo was a terrific driver as well. He was also very professional and worked very hard to make sure I had a safe and efficient trip. The captain and mate on the boat were wonderful too, finding the perfect places to snorkel, and were able to show me things that I would have never seen on my own.

On my journey to Borneo, everything went just as smoothly. On arrival I was picked up by my wonderful guide Dion. He was quick to show me around his hometown of Kumai, at the departure point, and I spent three delightful days with him on the river observing wildlife and the beauty of Kalimantan. He was so helpful and friendly; he made sure my every need was met. He made my adventure here extremely memorable. I have to also say that the captain, mate and cook on this trip were also wonderful. The captain was extremely knowledgeable, and was eager to seek and point out all of the wildlife along the river. He made sure that I had many photographic opportunities. The food was also superb. All of these individuals were simply excellent. I would love to return here and bring friends and family with me.

The last segment of my adventure was to Papua. Adventure Indonesia did a wonderful job of making sure that my trip here ran so smoothly, in a place that is not easy for most tourists to visit. My guide here was Jonas. He proved to be a seasoned and experienced trekker. From the time I arrived, he made certain that I got to experience the best of what this region offered. He was very knowledgeable regarding the people and culture of the area, as well as the flora and fauna. I spend many days hiking with him over difficult but spectacular terrain and he helped to make every moment of it special and memorable. He made certain that I did not miss any opportunity to see and experience the wonders of Papua. His interest in this place, his eagerness to help me have the best and most real cultural experience I could have here was evident. He went to great effort to translate conversations with native people and to share with me the history and social morays of this fascinating place.  The porters that assisted us were wonderful as well. What strong, helpful and wonderful young men they were. Jonas was also an excellent cook and made sure that I always had good food and plenty of it. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for making this adventure surpass all of my expectations. I owe additional thanks to the guide in Jayapura who did his very best to insure that my visit here was good too. Although my visit there was short, I enjoyed it very much. The Aston Hotel in Jayapura was a special treat at the end of a long journey.

In summary, this was a perfect experience for me. I highly recommend Adventure Indonesia for travel assistance to these areas. Ms. Novie did a fabulous job making certain that all of the arrangements were made.  She communicated with me well, answered all of my questions and did an excellent job of assembling what proved to be a very complicated itinerary. I was amazed at the way she was able to put these three separate trips into one cohesive, spectacular journey, with absolutely no flaws. Not only that, but she was so kind as to meet me on arrival in Indonesia and to take the time to see me off before I departed. I am a very happy customer!


Jay Murter, Dallas Texas USA