Hi Dewi and Joan, Just wanted to let you know what a terrific guide Lukman was! He took such good care of us and we absolutely loved him. Thanks again! Best, Elissa

Thomas O’Flaherty

​Dear All,

We've just returned from our holiday and wanted to say thank you to everyone for a great experience and making it all happen at such short notice.



Noriko Kawanishi

​Dear Ibu Novi,

I just wanted to say thank you for the Bromo tour.

We were able to see the amazing scene of the sunrise at Bromo.

We had a great time throughout the tour. The guide and driver were very knowledgeable and kind.

We look forward to the upcoming Flores tour in July.

Kind regards,


Noriko Kawanishi

​Dear Ibu Novi,

We came back from Flores safely as we planned, without being affected by the volcano.

Thank you so much for arranging us another extraordinary tour. We took hundreds of pictures throughout the trip but we could not fit all the special experiences into those photos...

Please send our BIG thank you to Don Bosco, our wonderful guide who is knowledgeable, friendly, kind and was flexible to make our trip smooth and enjoyable. We could never have had such a great trip without his guiding.

Actually we also had him as a guide when we went to Komodo :)

We will go back to Japan next week. If we have another chance to visit Indonesia we will definitely contact you again.

I have recommended Adventure Indonesia to some of my friends, hope they will contact you some time :)

With best wishes,