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Lombok Island is one of the two main islands of province of West Nusa Tenggara(NTB). Located neighboring to Bali to the east, Lombok island has almost the same size as Bali Island. Lombok touted as "the next Bali", Lombok offers its own unique version of Indonesian culture and society at a much slower pace than its more popular neighbor to the west.

Lombok makes an ideal destination for travelers who have seen Bali, or are not ready to explore hinterlands of Borneo or Papua. Have certainly similarities to Indonesia’s other islands, Lombok offer volcanoes, beautiful beaches, clear warm waters, jungle terrain and plenty of traditional villages. Start by trekking at Mountain Rinjani (3,726m) with the magnificent volcano peak, that offers hot springs and panoramic crater lake to the pristine white sandy beaches for sun bathing and the sublime Gili Islands just offshore provide even more tropical splendor without the hustle and bustle. Balancing the natural beauty, Lombok has an interesting cultural scene by the traditional Sasak animists.

The Gili islands off the north west coast of Lombok are truly an ideal destination for a tropical getaway. spectacular reefs and ominous dive sites like Shark reef of Gili islands are the perfect escape for anyone wanting to get away to beautiful, natural and relaxing surrounds.

Known as The Island of Gods, Bali famous with its natural beauty from the looming volcanoes, lush rice terraces, till the rugged coastlines or sandy beaches that exude peace and serenity. This beauty blend with the International standard of tourist facilities and especially with the local wisdom in preserving their ancestral culture make a perfect combination to attract tourists all over the world to come.

By visiting this beautiful island, you will be pampered by the wide selection of world class tourist attractions that can be unforgettable moment of your lifetime. Stretch of white sandy beach with the rich biological diversity of undersea life, lush rice terraces till the looming volcanoes, the uniqueness of Balinese art and culture with its dramatic dances and colorful ceremonies, luxurious beach resorts and exciting night life, and so much more.

Make sure you choose an accommodation at the right location that corresponds to the type of vacation you’re looking for. Bali offers a wide range of lifestyle and experiences depending on where you stay. If you want to party, the Kuta area of southern Bali is for you.

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